Optuner is a Copenhagen-based CRO and experimentation agency

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Website optimization for improved engagement and conversion

When you have the traffic
- but you need more conversions

Meet our senior consultant

From best practice to split-testing: A step-by-step approach to maximizing your CRO results.

Trickery of split test decisions – Why you can’t ask users and why 50% or you are wrong.

Low converting content: Beware of the wide-spread marketing disease

Framework to success

Optuner are experts in identifying and prioritizing potentials for your on-site growth, through analysis of the usage data your visitors leave behind. Benefit from our experience based on hundreds of user test and optimization projects since 2012.

We have a systematic process focused on increasing your conversion rates, with methods and tools handpicked for each client.

Proven methodology

It's all about changing user behavior

decision seesaw

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Senior CRO consultant

Ole Gregersen
+45 28 30 55 89

Copenhagen, Denmark

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Optuner also runs the Copenhagen Conversion Conference, called Conversionboost. For more than 10 years, this has been the go-to CRO event for inspiration and networking for the danish CRO community. Full english-spoken programme.